Blankets for all seasons
Experience the calming comfort and compatibility of Afra blankets in all seasons, while you’re watching TV, camping, or dreaming you will feel the light and soft touch of Afra blankets.
Other Afra Products

Pillow cover

Afra pillow covers, unlike other brands, are very
smooth and soft. They don’t produce lint and don’t
become rough after watching. These covers are allergy free and come in variety of different colors
For Animal Lovers
Afrahome offers you suitable, high quality, enduring and allergy free blankets for your
pets. These blankets are tailored for your domestic pets and are very light. They can machine washed repeatedly and easily.
Bring the Entertainment Home
Afrahome Entertainment balls are safe and attractive toys. These balls are
designed in four different models in a variety of colors. They are made of hygienic
fibers that are harmless when come in contact with the face or the mouth, and can be washed easily and repeatedly
Take Care of yourself
Afrahome Neck Pillows are made of natural fibers and have an
ergonomic design. Their soft, allergy-free and durable covers can be washed easily.